Experience WordPress 3.8 Parker

Posted in Wordpress on 2014-03-03

Cromosys loves to develop a lot of stuff using Wordpress over Web. We know all Wordpress is easier to manage your website and development. Its architecture of development is so much helpful for the web developer to build a lot of stuff. We truly believe that Wordpress is being one of the most Content Management System. There is one updates on Wordpress. Wordpress 3.8 Parker is new update release on December 12, 2013. There are a lot of things that Wordpress has upgraded as per the user needs and easier to manage the website.

Magento Go – Build eCommerce Online Store Quickly

Posted in Magento Development on 2014-01-27

Magento Go is software cum service that helps develop your software in Magento platform. It is a front runner for all e-commerce solution and is very much desirable for online stores or often known as e-store. After all it is all about small business making good money build there websites and e-stores in the desired budget. Big running entities can spend money but Magento Go can be a boon for small and start up businesses. They can make more money by creating there online store without waiting for development of there e-store. Magento Go is all about going global at very short instance. Quick, easy and very reliable service that doesn’t not require much of technical knowledge. Users just have to create an account and follow simple steps and you have your own online store up and running.

Why WordPress is Best Choice for Building your Website?

Posted in Wordpress on 2014-01-23

Wordpress is considered as the best option when it comes to CMS. Especially in the last year, the growth of Wordpress as a first choice for CMS Websites has grown enormously. Surveys show that over 1/3 off all Wordpress installations have been download and installed in the last year. So, it shows how Wordpress has grown and how much it is preferred by developers as well as the clients. Wordpress is nothing but highly user friendly and extensive Content Management System. It is one of the many CMS available but probably the most preferred. And just like two sides of coin, Wordpress also has it benefits and drawbacks. But the benefits are more compared to the former. However, during early years of Wordpress, it was considered as a platform for blogging. But with time it was proved wrong, YE

Why Business Owner Choose Magento for eCommerce Development?

Posted in Magento Development on 2014-01-17

Magento is very much recommended for business entities who want to develop their online eCommerce store. There are many reasons behind it. It is a very essential tool when it comes to designing complex eCommerce websites. The use of Magento as a tool for developing such websites has grown with leap and bounds in recent years.   Let’s take a look at the technical aspects:- Survey’s state, Magento is the most preferred platform in Alexa’s 1 million websites development platform.  Build in Zend framework, the best feature is the speed. One can make their own new website from scratch or can migrate from their existing website to the new platform i.e Magento. Merchants all over the globe prefer Magento because, of the speed, layout, flexibility, features also user-friendliness. T

Importance of Designing Your Website

Posted in Mobile & Web on 2013-12-26

The first and the foremost advice while designing a website is start thinking from a customer perspective rather than designer or profit oriented thinking. Many people think that just by including some images and videos and sounds, they have created a world class website, but such is not the case. Let’s say every time you open the website a video starts to play or an audio file plays. These tend to get annoying at some point of time. Always bear in mind that your website is one destination that shows your products and define yourself and present yourself to the world, basically a first impression. And as they say first impression is the last impression. So designing your website with proper layout and user friendly content, also simple colors can go a long way instead of crowded and many

Benefit of Developing an iPhone App

Posted in iPhone on 2013-08-23

Since last decades, Apple has created a lot of gadgets and smart phones. One of Apple products name as ‘iPhone’ is being one of the most usable Smartphone. The factors that user are being attracted to iPhone includes their features & functionalities. App plays an important role in iPhone. If there are no apps in iPhone then it would be no more useful. It just like an iPhone Apps. Apps are also connected with other third party application or devices too. It makes a sense an important role in mankind life. People are using iphone to make their life simple to be in touch with people easily with small gadget. Steve Job is most valuable Man who has introduced iPhone and gives a new way of thinking to the people. Apps are being very helpful to make your life simpler and easier.

Why Website and Mobile Application is needful for Business?

Posted in Mobile & Web on 2013-07-24

In this era, people are using internet about 7-8 hour through desktop and mobile world. Number of Internet User are growing rapidly since a decades. Online Shopping is growing day by day. So there is more craze on Web just by connecting with many media. These media may include Desktop PC, Laptops , iPhone, Android, Blackberry , iPad and many other. So if there are a lot of user at the Website then there would be lots of user demand to gain better business over Web. So here’s how there is great need of “Website”. Why we need Website for Business? If you are looking to sell your product or any kind of services that you are promoting then you will need a Website. Website is just like a store at where you need to share information about the Product or services that you gonna promote over

New Update on Web Development Services

Posted in Theory on 2013-05-29

Today we are happy to give some update on Web Development Services. Through our Business Analyst Consideration, we have introduced a new plan to the web development services. Every companies provides a web development services as they are part of making just a things or like an services. Here what will be introduced something new so that business would enlarge over online. Let us get to the point. We will provide you a web development services with 1 Month of SEO Services on Trail based. As our motto is to help the small & medium business to develop their web business through which lots of leads to be generated to their services or product. Web development Services with 1 Month SEO Trail from Cromosys Technologies We will be happy to hear from you about this consideration. We hope y

Vine hit 1# Free App on Apple App Store lacking behind Batman Game App

Posted in iPhone on 2013-04-11

Today Vine hit 1# Free App on Apple App Store in US, Sweden & Canada In the time of 6 month after being acquired by Twitter. On Last October, Twitter has acquired the Vine app. This app has launched on late January. Vine is one of app to tap the screen to record the video for 6 second. Changing those video together allows you to create a short sound optional movies that can be shared over twitter & facebook. It’s similar like Viddy or Snapchat. On last month Twitter has develop the embedded code system to share over blog or anywhere else as like youtube. Co-Founder And Creative Director of Vine, Rus Yosupov has sent a tweet to make an announcement and was better-off about the news. Hey guys, remember that time we made the No. 1 most popular app in the world? @ckb @dhof @bobby @vi

The Process of Successful Project Development – A Prototype Development

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In Cromosys there are a lot of requirement for mobile and web development. People use to get services for their Enterprise Solution.  Solution is defining a way to settle and upgrade the business development. So we are mostly focus on delivering a enhanced quality of solution that is very needful for the people. How Project is carried out? Client is looking for services that can full fill their needs for their business solution. There are some important roles who meet up the client query, which are Business Analyst, Project Manager, Designer, Developer and Tester. This requirement is mostly carried out by the business analyst in the first step. They focus on niche market.  These requirement are deeply aim on the benefit of the solution and there factors. After going through this analysi